AMPSS is a National Movement to Modernize Math Pathways

Advancing Mathematics Pathways for Student Success (AMPSS) is a coalition to coordinate a national drive to address undergraduate mathematics as a significant academic barrier for students pursuing degrees and credentials.

AMPSS is planning a multi-year effort to stimulate and guide states or regions to modernize mathematics pathways in their 2- and 4-year institutions. By the fall of 2017, we hope to be able to invite statewide teams to join the more than a dozen states that already have efforts underway — with the aim to impact 30 additional states in the next five years.

During the current planning phase, this site will provide an introduction to AMPSS and will serve as a portal for directing any inquiries to the AMPSS project director or to the appropriate partner organization.

 The AMPSS Vision

Every student has access to rigorous mathematics instruction that's relevant to their program of study. Whether begun at 2- or 4- institution, math credits can transfer seamlessly across institutions to aid student success and advance degree completion.

Help us build a National Strategy

The AMPSS partners have drafted a National Strategy for advancing math pathways around the country, involving key players at all levels from the classroom to the nation. If you would like to see our draft, please click the link below. If you have feedback for us, we would ask that you contact us by March 31, 2017, as we'll need to get moving on implementing the strategy!

AMPSS National Strategy DRAFT (PDF)

Upcoming Events

May 10-12, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Designing Math Pathways workshop (for colleges and universities) hosted by The Charles A. Dana Center and Achieving The Dream.

July 21-23, San Francisco, California 
Carnegie Math Pathways National Forum

July 26-29, Chicago, Illinois
MAA MathFest 2017 (see especially Themed Contributed Paper Session #7 on "Connecting Introductory Mathematics Courses to Students’ Intended Majors and Careers" on Friday afternoon)

Check back later for other orientations and meetings

Information handout

Download a one-page information sheet on AMPSS by clicking here: (PDF)


Reach out to learn how your institution, organization, or state can get involved with AMPSS to facilitate student success and degree completion.