Resources developed by AMPSS are listed below. Additional resources may be found on the individual web sites of AMPSS partners.

AMPSS handout

A two-page handout that summarizes the issues around mathematics pathways and the AMPSS strategy.

AMPSS Draft National Strategy

The AMPSS partners have drafted a National Strategy for advancing math pathways around the country, involving key players at all levels from the classroom to the nation.

Modernizing Mathematics Pathways To Improve Degree Completion for All Students: the what, the why, and the how

Presentation to the AASCU Academic Affairs Winter Meeting 2017

This presentation covers what math pathways are, why their redesign holds such promise for improving student success, and how institutions might take steps to redesign and implement them at scale. It addresses crucial issues such as remediation, transfer, advising and placement, evaluation, and building the right kind of team for advancing redesign efforts, and describes new resources and supports being developed by a partnership of the leading organizations working in math pathways and degree completion.

Introduction to the AMPSS Draft Strategy

Presented at the AMPSS Summit on Mathematics Pathways, March 7, 2017, in Indianapolis, Indiana.

This presentation summarizes the key components of the AMPSS draft national strategy for advancing mathematics pathways, including background information, theory of change, evidence-based strategies, and an action plan for partners to take. Its intent was to introduce the draft to Summit participants, who would then go on to provide expert feedback on the draft for subsequent revision.